When is the harvest time of pomelo?

Pomelo is ripening from August; the harvest time is from the middle of Aug. to Dec. They can often be found in local grocery stores, supermarkets, and department-stores throughout the world around the end of next February.


What does the size and weight of pomelo?

Larger than a grapefruit, the pomelo is juicy, sweet, with a very thick skin. Pomelo looks like a pear, but is far larger. It can be close to 10 inches (25 cm) across at its widest point and weigh up to 14 pounds (about 6 kg).

What is pomelo?

The pomelo is the largest member in the citrus family and grows throughout Asia, Malaysia, Tahiti, New Guinea, and Fiji. The fruit may be called pummelo, grapefruit, shaddock, or jabong. It’s not clear what Shaddock is called in Asian languages.

How about the honey pomelo you supply ?

Honey pomelo is growing in the mountain area nearby the river. The fruit is juicy, sweet, with a light fragrant taste.

Fruit Name: Honey Pomelo

Colors: Light green, lemon yellow.

Harvest: Mid of Aug. till the end of Dec every year.

Origin: Pinghe Country

Orchards: 2000 ha.

Supply Quantity: 10, 000 tons.

Supply Season:  Aug—next Feb. 25weeks

Certificate: EUREPGAP, HACCP, ISO9000.

Brand: GUANXI.

Markets: EU, North America, East Europe, Southeast Asia, (Holland, Germany, France, UK, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, The Republic of Belarus, Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc.)

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