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        Welcome to Pinghe Sanlv Fruit Vegetable Company! The company was founded in 2006, formed from a purchased orchard growing pomelos in 1998. Currently, we have an export base orchard of pomelo covering an area of around 133 hectares. In the approximately 667 hectares of farmer orchard of pomelo under our full management and supervisory control, we have been providing pesticides, fertilizers and administration techniques, only for the purpose of improving the quality of our Guanxi pomelos. The company has established a long-term partnership with China Agriculture Science Academy, and every year experts come to our orchard to give us instructions on management of pruning and fertilizing, use of green house and protection of the pistils and so on. At present, we have our own output of 5 million kilograms, while the output of the farmers orchards under our supervision is 20 million kilograms, which ensures that the quantity for export reaches 10 million kilograms. During the steady development of the past 12 years, the company has gone through periodical changes -- from orchard cultivation to self-processing, then to process for the clients all the way to the present status -- direct export to the foreign clients. Now it has become a professional fruit growing and farm produce business operation enterprise integrating produce growing, processing, storing (refreshment), sales and export into one.

Sanlv Company is located in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, a city known as Home of fruits. In this largest pomelo producing area of China -- Pinghe county of Zhangzhou City, we have a production and processing factory with an area of 8,000 square meters with three most advanced and systematic post-harvest processing production lines in China. The advanced technology and equipment provide strong guarantee for the quality of the company products.

Sanlv Company can guarantee its product quality and have powerful control over the cost, due to its own advantages: orchard, being in the origin producing area, and advanced producing and packing technology. Sanlv Company is devoted to introducing local quality pomelos, citrus, and turnips to the international market. We have passed the EU Global Gap authentication in 2007. Our products are sold in many big supermarkets in more than 30 countries and areas such as EU, North America, East Europe, South East Asia, Russia, Canada, and Hong Kong and so on. Sanlv Company is rooted in fruit growing in the original fruit and vegetable producing area, and supplies the world with high quality fruits and vegetables which are safe, healthy, fresh and stable. We determine to be the first class fruit and vegetable supplying corporate in China.

Hereby, we sincerely promise you that we will provide you with the best quality products and service with the most competitive price if you give us the chances for business cooperation.

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