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Guanxi Honey Pomelo


Fruit name: Guanxi Honey Pomelo

Color: light green from August to October and lemon yellow after October.

Supply time: from August to February the next year, 25 weeks in total

Unit weight: 0.75kg - 3kg

It has been more than 500 years since Guanxi honey pomelo first settled down in Pinghe County. When it ripens, its light green skin turns lemon yellow, and normally it weighs a kilogram or more with its shape resembles a pear or a flat globe. Insides it is make up of several large segments of pulp, wrapped by a white membrane which can be easily removed before eating.

Guanxi honey pomelo is seedless, mild, succulent and usually with a rich fragrance. Its juice is sweet, and sometimes a little tart and its particular taste can give you a pleasant mood and the aftertaste will always stay beautiful in your memory.

Besides, the segments with membrane of Guanxi honey Pomelo can be torn apart to make salads and desserts or be made into preserves. You can also make drinks with its juice extracted from the fruit.

Besides being a tasty fruit, Guanxi Pomelo also has many other values either in nutrition or health care. As far as the nutrition concern, it is rich in various kinds of vitamins, sugar and mineral composition, and especially, it is richer in magnesium, calcium and copper than other fruits. According to some related research, Guanxi Pomelo has some medical functions too, such as balancing metabolism, lowering  blood pressure, relieving cough , clearing the throat and appetizing, etc.

The nourishing substances per 100g of edible pulp of pomelo are as follows:

Calories                           25-58                  

Moisture                          84.82-94.1g             

Protein                             0.5-0.74g              

Fat                                   0.2-0.6g               

Carbohydrates                  6.3-12.4g        

Fiber                                0.3-0.82g                

Ash                                  0.5-0.9g               

Calcium                            21-41mg                

Phosphorus                       27-43mg              

Iron                                  0.5-0.9mg               

Natrium                            0.8mg                  

Thiamine                           0.04-0.07mg          

Riboflavin                         0.02mg            

Potassium                         257mg               

Thiamine                           0.05mg        

Magnesium                       16.1mg              

Ascorbic Acid                  36-49.8mg      

Methionine                       0.07mg            


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